Cannabis gets its own section in curriculum for higher education

As the government rushes towards whole scale legalization of marijuana in the North American states along with its cousin hemp, the growing curiosity in this miracle drug has led to the establishment of colleges that have been adding cannabis into their curriculum.

This full-scale degree in medical and recreational marijuana is set to prepare the graduates for an uplifting career in researching, cultivating, marketing and analyzing the herbs. As per research, it has been predicted that there are better times ahead for all types of careers to be pursued in the cannabis field.

This ranges from dispensary and greenhouse operators to the developers for edible products, lab directors for quality assurance, greenhouse operators, as well as pharmaceutical researchers The Arcview Market Research, the company that focuses on  current trends in the cannabis industry, recently projected that the industry shall support about 467,000 jobs as we approach the year 2022.

Even in the states where the recreational marijuana continues to be illegal, which includes New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey, some colleges launched the cannabis study programs with anticipation that it might legalize or at least prepare the students for better jobs in any other state.

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